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Starting July 1st, 2023, the landscape of home listings in the City of Bend has transformed with the implementation of the Home Energy Score requirement. Most homes listed for sale are now mandated to undergo a Home Energy Assessment, emphasizing the importance of energy efficiency in the real estate market. This new policy compels home sellers to obtain a “home energy score” – a vital metric that not only shapes the buyer’s decision-making process but also enhances transparency in the real estate transaction.

Here’s the deal:

Every home “marketed” or listed for sale is required to undergo a Home Energy Assessment, resulting in a Home Energy Score. What sets this apart is the added obligation for sellers or their realtors to share the scorecard with prospective buyers and include it as a disclosure in the listing information. It’s more than just a policy; it’s a commitment to providing buyers with crucial information to make informed decisions.

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So, what exactly is the Home Energy Score?

Simply put, it’s a rating that assesses a home’s energy consumption – much like a miles-per-gallon rating for a vehicle. This score provides prospective home buyers with insights into how efficiently the home uses energy, influencing their purchase decisions in a meaningful way.

The Home Energy Score brings a new level of transparency to the home buying and selling process. Much like the standard inspection process, this information is now an integral part of the real estate conversation. Estimated Energy Costs per Year take center stage, offering buyers a practical understanding of potential overhead costs in a world of ever-changing energy prices. This insight allows purchasers to factor energy bills into their budget, empowering them to make informed and financially savvy decisions.

At Porch Light, our focus is squarely on delivering quality Home Energy Scores.

Our inspectors have been in the field of making homes more energy efficient since 2010 and with our exclusive training through the Building Performance Institute, we have a unique understanding of how home’s energy features perform. We understand the impact these scores can have on your home’s marketability and your budget. Join us in embracing a new era of transparency and efficiency in the real estate market.

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