A home’s roof is essential. It protects against snow and ice, strong winds, and thunderstorms. To improve the roof’s longevity, examine the structure and roofing materials every once in a while. Here’s a yearly roof maintenance checklist and tips to get you started.

Yearly Roof Maintenance Checklist & Tips

1. Interior Roof Maintenance 

Check the home’s interior for signs of water damage, including peeling paint, stains, drips and leaks, and mold or mildew. An aging or damaged roof may allow water into the home, and you’ll notice signs. Look in the attic to check for mold, water stains on the support beams, and damp insulation. 

2. Dirt and Debris 

Regularly inspect the rooftop to watch for the buildup of dirt and debris. Leaves, tree branches, and pine needles can clog the gutters and downspouts and cause premature rotting or decaying of the roofing surface. Look for fallen tree limbs, which can damage elements of the roof and gutters.

3. Roof Surface Maintenance 

Check for indications of weathering or damage on the roof surface. Look for low spots with standing water if it’s a flat roof. These may lead to abrasions, holes or tears, cracking, or blistering of the membrane.

In the case of metal roofs, check for corrosion and damaged or loose panels. Look for damaged, missing, or loose materials on a shingle or tile roof.

If the roof supports equipment, like solar panels, or is prone to heavy snow, it is a good idea to inspect the beams and trusses yearly to see if there’s evidence of structural stress like rust, rot, or cracking.

Make sure there’s no sign of moss, algae, or fungus growing on the roof. These can take a toll on the roof surfaces and should be removed as soon as possible.

4. Flashings 

If flashings are on the rooftop (for instance, around chimneys and skylights), check to see if they have gaps or are pulling away from the roof. Damaged flashings can lead to leaks and water damage. Inspect for mold in these areas as well.

5. Exterior Maintenance 

Your yearly roof maintenance checklist should include exterior components such as skylights, vents, and chimneys. Inspect for cleanliness on the surfaces of these components and watch for signs of damage such as fungus, moss, rot, rust, and peeling paint. Also, check for damage like missing flashing or seals and bent gutter components.

This yearly roof maintenance checklist will help you maintain the integrity of your roof and help improve your home’s curb appeal. Ideally, you should inspect the roof before and after extreme weather. Extreme weather events such as strong winds, hailstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can damage and weaken your roof.

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