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Improving the Home-Buying Experience

The Reliable Choice for Oregon Home-Buyers

At Porch Light Home Inspection, our comprehensive home inspections provide an edge for prospective property investors, first-time home-buyers, families, and experienced homeowners. Our detail-oriented process gets to the bottom of a home’s true character, from the most prominent strengths to the most hidden blemish.

Above all, we aim to identify existing issues that will weigh into the home’s overall value so that you can negotiate a fair price accordingly. We also provide inspection services for our clients who are selling a home, obtaining a clearer picture of the home’s condition to help establish a path toward a more successful sale.

What We Can Do for You

Icon-LaternOur passion for building science is bright, and we are up to date with the building practices and market trends of Central Oregon—making us an indispensable resource for home-buyers aiming to make affordable investments that won’t present unwanted surprises later on down the line.

Icon-LaternWe make good use of our time, meticulously inspecting the home so that you are provided with an accurate and comprehensive summary of the property’s condition.

Home Inspection Report

Detailed Inspection Reports Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Within approximately 24-48 hours of your completed home inspection, we’ll send a full inspection report to the email you’ve provided. Each area of the home that was evaluated will be plainly summarized, with both the strengths and the weaknesses in the property’s construction explained in a way that is easy to understand—regardless of your previous home-buying experience.

Photographs and videos taken during the inspection will be incorporated into the report as necessary, and all of our clients will have access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.  

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

  • While you read through your inspection report, you’ll be able to generate a personalized project and repair request list thanks to the embedded CRL™ feature
  • Choose any defective item that you want fixed, and click “Add to Request List” to bring up a menu with the following options—a request for repair, replacement, or reimbursement
  • You and your real estate agent will be able to collaborate remotely on your request list, using virtually any device with an internet connection

The flexfund program

At Porch Light Property Inspection, we understand the significance of a thorough inspection in your home-buying journey. With our FlexFund program, not only do you have the flexibility to manage your finances wisely, but you also gain access to a comprehensive suite of inspection services to make informed decisions. Reserve your inspection online today for a seamless and hassle-free journey to acquiring your new home.

A man in a blue shirt with a mask is checking attic insulation. The right insulation will help you heat your home efficiently.

Bend Home Energy Score

Icon-LaternHome Energy Assessment – Evaluates more than 70 pieces of home information including foundation, insulation, walls, windows, heating, cooling, and hot water systems

Icon-LaternHome Energy Score – Measures the energy efficiency of a home based on an onsite evaluation of its physical characteristics.

Our Reviews

Viki HuntingtonViki Huntington
16:36 21 Jul 24
We had a great experience with porch light! John arrived on time and spent over four hours inspecting our home inside and out. He took the time to talk to us about issues pertaining to the house and was extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend porch light to anyone needing a home inspection!
Terri CoffeyTerri Coffey
19:55 20 Jul 24
John was very prompt on arrival and did an incredibly thorough inspection of the new construction home we are purchasing. He was very pleasant and when done, walked me through the one or two recommendations he found. We received the inspection report that evening. Highly recommend Porch Light Home Inspection!
Spencer B.Spencer B.
16:17 12 Jul 24
John was great to work with and we had our home inspection report 2 days after he completed the actual inspection!Professional, personable, and punctual!
Alison NewmanAlison Newman
20:20 06 Jul 24
Great company.
Michael cMichael c
17:32 05 Jul 24
John did a very thorough inspection, and the detailed report was very helpful in negotiating repair items with the seller. John also made a few observations and recommendations that went above and beyond a typical inspection. Well done!
Jim TybergJim Tyberg
20:06 09 Jun 24
Barbara GardnerBarbara Gardner
21:45 07 Jun 24
John did a great job. He did an inspection and re-inspection on our new home and he did an energy score inspection on our old home. He was professional, on-time, thorough and pleasant to work with. Their billing and reminder system is efficient and easy to use. The person answering the phone at Porch Light was also friendly, efficient and helpful. I would definitely use this company again.
Allyson HolmesAllyson Holmes
19:16 03 Jun 24
mike matulovichmike matulovich
14:50 29 May 24
Saved us from probable continuing costs from needed repairs, thank you.
Alec HaydenAlec Hayden
16:54 25 May 24
John and the Porchlight were punctual, thorough, and very informative. I've worked with a handful of inspection teams and Porchlight is the best so far. I will definitely use and recommend them in the future!
Linda GermainLinda Germain
17:18 23 May 24
Ron CutterRon Cutter
15:54 20 May 24
Daniel was very thorough, pleasant, and professional in his inspection. We would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Sharon NybergSharon Nyberg
20:29 12 May 24
I have worked with John and his team for many years, and they have done an excellent job for my clients. I often hear from my new clients, “I wish I had Porchlight inspect the last home I purchased”. I recently used John for a personal transaction and yet again he exceeded expectations.In addition to being highly professional they are just about the nicest people you come across.
Debra MerskinDebra Merskin
22:46 06 May 24
Potentially buying a house is stressful enough, but your kindness and care made all the difference. Quality inspection, informative reports!
Philip SarnoffPhilip Sarnoff
02:07 05 May 24
We used Porchlight for a recent home purchase. It was easy to get them scheduled. Daniel was our inspector and he was great! He walked us through the whole house and then the turnaround time on the report was extremely fast. We would definitely use them again.
Michael CouchMichael Couch
04:24 02 May 24
Porchlight Home Inspections was great to work with. Easy to schedule, efficient and thorough during the inspection, and quick to provide a full report. We'd definitely recommend them for your home inspection needs.
Susan SavageSusan Savage
04:15 02 May 24
Kellene FislerKellene Fisler
02:18 01 May 24
Online scheduling was easy, and I received inspection results the next day. Very convenient system for someone setting things up from out of town. Highly recommend!
Angela CoxAngela Cox
15:17 29 Apr 24
Jana LionbergerJana Lionberger
20:41 28 Apr 24
Rey detailed. Very professional great company thank you
Morgan MMorgan M
19:17 06 Apr 24
John inspected our home and did a wonderful job. He was very thorough, friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we were aware of any issues. His inspection report gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to make the right decision.
Caroline BeshearsCaroline Beshears
17:42 26 Mar 24
Daniel did our home inspection and he did a fabulous job! it was very thorough, and he did a walk-through with me at the end so there wasn't anything I was surprised by in the final report. Would use Porch Light again!
Justin StevensJustin Stevens
19:04 17 Mar 24
As investors, Porch Light Home Inspections are our go-to inspectors in Central Oregon. Always thorough and thoughtful. Buying a home is stressful enough without unwanted surprises AFTER the deal closes. Use a qualified inspector! Highly recommend!
Chris FlahertyChris Flaherty
04:08 11 Mar 24
Daniel Brewster is an incredible inspector and takes the time to explain all the details in the report and any follow up questions you have. Highly recommend!
Debi LaueDebi Laue
19:29 10 Mar 24
The folks at Porchlight are professional, communicate well and know what they are doing. As a real estate broker for over 40 years ( now retired ) I can honestly say they are an excellent choice for your next home inspection.
Peggy GlassPeggy Glass
17:26 10 Mar 24
Porch Light Home Inspection's services were prompt, thorough, and professional. They discovered even the smallest of detail requiring correction and/or repair, down to the missing anti-tip device on the kitchen range. I would heartily recommend them to anyone requiring a home inspection.
Larry JacobsLarry Jacobs
17:50 20 Feb 24
Jaime DughiJaime Dughi
15:32 07 Feb 24
We used Porch Light on two home inspections. Both inspections where extremely thorough, professional, and transparent in the process. I highly recommend Porch Light and will use them in the future.
Kristine MonogueKristine Monogue
06:43 04 Feb 24
Attention to detail and fast response time-
17:17 28 Jan 24
Service was prompt and seemed thorough. Daniel was friendly and professional.
Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell
19:43 26 Jan 24
Daniel was extremely professional and thorough!
19:48 13 Dec 23
Excellent work. Clear communication. Hassle free. Very thorough report. Thanks!
Meagan WalkerMeagan Walker
17:49 13 Dec 23
Lucas HLucas H
23:11 11 Dec 23
John from Porch Light was great! Very considerate, and very thorough. We’ve used him multiple times because he is so amazing.
sequia flutysequia fluty
19:08 10 Dec 23
Kristin TylerKristin Tyler
18:32 06 Dec 23
Great job! They were able to fit me in last minute and I received a very thorough inspection report the next day. I would definitely recommend!
Deborah AsatoDeborah Asato
19:42 05 Dec 23
Lori OlundLori Olund
19:09 04 Dec 23
The report was quick and very detailed.
Kathy JenkinsKathy Jenkins
17:49 29 Nov 23
John was very knowledgeable and did a very thorough inspection of the home. I highly recommend this company for home inspection!
Jenny QiuJenny Qiu
20:49 19 Nov 23
David BenjaminDavid Benjamin
22:49 31 Oct 23
I was thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness and clarity of John's home inspection, not to mention his friendly and professional demeanor whenever we've interacted. I feel confident not just knowing about the current state of the property, but I also have a good "to-do" list of maintenance items to work on! Will definitely use PorchLight again in the future for any other home inspection needs!
Jaime GutierrezJaime Gutierrez
02:36 31 Oct 23
Great company and professional. Did a great job with the inspection. I’m happy with it.
Lefty LuLefty Lu
04:49 25 Oct 23
The report and communication was very thorough, not to mention, prompt.
Jo MosesianJo Mosesian
20:57 24 Oct 23
Great thorough job!
Gail GoldmanGail Goldman
02:09 23 Oct 23
This is my 2nd experience with John and PorchLight. Excellence in every way~I popped into the house he was inspecting for me and explained things thoroughly. Then at my house he was doing an energy inspection and he graciously fixed blinds in a door within the glass that were stuck.. he knew how to open the glass doors up (and the manufacturer told me they wouldn’t open up), and he fixed them and even better, made sure they wouldn’t do that again… a kind and amazing man! Excellent in every way! Thank you John!
Kaleb RileyKaleb Riley
21:09 17 Oct 23
These guys are good. So friendly and so attentive. We have had them inspect multiple homes for us and have always given us great recommendations and words of advise.
Rick MoarRick Moar
16:28 06 Oct 23
Very thorough, explained all aspects of the inspection and his findings. Would recommend!
Private PrivatePrivate Private
17:46 01 Oct 23
Beware, this company automatically adds fees on “to help with streamlining the payment process.” I have cut and pasted exactly what he / they have on their invoices.“Please provide payment in the amount of $258.50 for the $250 inspection at xxxx.Dear valued clients, For online credit card payments, the total amount due includes a convenience fee of 3.4%. This is to help assist us with streamlining the payment processes and enhance the efficiency of our inspection business. Your support is greatly appreciated.”PL does not offer a place to mail in a check to avoid using a card which is ILLEGAL. Debit cards and Discover, do not charge user merchant fees and Visa/MC is maybe 1.5%. This 3.4% is for American Express and they don’t even take this card. A company is allowed to be cash only, but they are not allowed to force you to pay with a credit card and then charge you fees.Secondly, this mandate for sellers to get an “energy score” before selling is one of the most communistic uneducated mandates by idiocracy designed to punish landowners in Oregon but without science behind it. It is almost as bad as banks punishing would-be-borrowers for their good / excellent credit.A) If a buyer is that scared to buy a house based on it’s energy use, they can buy brand-new or pay for the “score” themselves and choose not to buy it.These scores are done by the local home inspectors who could add it on a la carte as with their mold score.A buyer can waive their right to get a home inspected when purchasing but an owner can’t waive one of these?B) The report tells you that natural gas appliances heat sources are “bad” in keeping with creepy Joe puppets rhetoric. Anyone who pays utilities knows that gas is cheaper than electric here and that cooking with gas uses half the time of cooking with electric.Idiocracy / Oregon, you could ask homeowners send in 12 months of the actual utility bills at an address if you are that worried. But then whatwouldyoudo -Require the owner to purchase more things from companies you have investments in?Lets just see how much more the cost of electricity goes up in Oregon with the planned removal of Klamath damn which was mandated by the EPA so that creepy Joe plastic man / Idiocracy can buy the damn under shell corps.If you look on the Oregon Energy Score website, you’ll see that the counties with the lowest use of energy are the counties where they require this $250 energy score SCAM. Those counties also have the highest priced homes. The government is overstepping into the homes and finances of those working class folks who have made good choices and who takes care of our belongings because we don’t have anyone else to do it. Oregon / Idiocracy, you say it is for our protection, but it is only making you richer and the rich richer who themselves are likely to have investments in these energy corps. The more you mandate on us, the more likely it is we ourselves will become homeless in Oregon.Realtors scare sellers by telling them they have to have this score to list. Actually, it is required before closing.My realtor hired this yahoo/ PL without my knowledge or consent and this guy left stains on my brand new carpet, knicks in my freshly painted walls from his ladders and black fingerprints all over my doors, walls and ceilings. He also loosened the water line under my sinks so water was dripping when it had not dripped before this.I fired my realtor.Porch Light Scammers, if you want $250 from me, kindly remove your non-disclosed back end fee of 3.4 % and send me an invoice.I am not signing the pre-inspection authorization that keep you sending me after the fact because I did not authorize it. Quite frankly, you should have never done the job without me signing BEFOREHAND.You should be going to the realtor for payment on this. However, given the fact that you have already sent your vailed threat of “I have already submitted a claim on your house to the city,” this means both you and the realtor are held harmless.I do not recommend this company.
16:10 20 Sep 23
This is the second time we have used PorchLight for a home inspection and in large part, our decision was based on what a great job they did the first time. On both occasions they were very responsive, did an excellent job and pointed out issues we would not have identified. Their communication was excellent, their report was very detailed and gave very good recommendations. If we ever need another home inspection, I would definitely use PorchLight again.
Lawrence BellandLawrence Belland
00:12 05 Sep 23
We employed PorchLight to do the post-abatement radon test after we installed our SafeAir™ radon abatement system. As requested, they came the day after we finished and provided the test results 2 days later. They use the same precision radon monitors that we use, the Airthings Corentium Pro. Our radon level guarantee is the lowest in the nation at 1.7 Ci/l and we wanted the seller to be confident of the results, so we used an independent 3rd party. The results came in at 0.4 pCi/l which made the buyer and seller very happy. We'll use PorchLight again for future post abatement tests.
Tom WilliamsTom Williams
19:51 31 Aug 23
Josh GarnerJosh Garner
17:23 28 Aug 23
Have done multiple home inspections with them over the years on my properties in Central OR. Always pleased with their professionalism, timeliness and communication. Highly recommend!
John DowneyJohn Downey
18:59 20 Aug 23
PorchLight was asked to perform an inspection and was very responsive and timely. Their inspector did a very thorough evaluation of issues relating to the property. The inspection and report were detailed and helped us work with the seller in addressing some of the concerns. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a home inspection.
Lara HodgeLara Hodge
17:23 13 Aug 23
I've use PorchLight many times over the years because I trust them. In this business trust is everything. They are thorough but not slow. They don't miss a single thing. And they always answer questions making sure I understand whatever it is I had a question about. Love PorchLight!
Tad ScharpfTad Scharpf
04:18 05 Aug 23
John Schwencke's inspection report on the house I am buying was great. He let me know what he inspected and how, what he found, and included photos to show any issues. It was very clear, while still being complete.
Andrew DrydenAndrew Dryden
16:17 02 Aug 23
Joyce NeilJoyce Neil
02:47 02 Aug 23
Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson
16:05 30 Jul 23
They were on time,and very professional. They made a very clean and easy to interpret report QUICKLY on completion. They have excellent communication during the process. I will use porch light again without hesitation.
Anthony GustinAnthony Gustin
18:34 24 Jul 23
Amazing experience, professional report. Have worked with a bunch of different inspectors and PorchLight has by far been the best. Lucky to have them!
Brock HBrock H
04:47 24 Jul 23
The report was so much more than I'd expected. I'd ordered a buyer's inspection. It was arranged for with the Seller in just a couple of days. There was an incredible amount of detail, plus John added a detailed layout of each floor with measurements. A great extra.Especially helpful was the summary of recommendations - the owner agreed to deal with some of the major issues & I now have a To-Do list of things I want to take care of when I'm the new owner.I recommend them highly and will gladly use them again.
Dana KatzDana Katz
19:25 17 Jul 23
We had a great experience with Porch Light. We have used them twice and both times were great experiences. They had honest conversations with us about issues in the properties and sent reports right away. Scheduling was easy and the inspectors were fantastic. Highly recommend.
Oskar MartinOskar Martin
16:59 05 Jul 23
He is really thoroughcame out same week for a good priceYou get a nice pdf with the full report and photos of any issues explaining stuff 👍 top notch
Casey AcasterCasey Acaster
22:48 03 Jul 23
Daniel was super helpful with the inspection of our home purchase. I was able to tag along for the process and ask questions along the way. He went above and beyond in explaining each finding and offering advice for best ways to proceed with repairs. Overall a very informative experience that gave us a lot of peace-of-mind with this purchase. Wouldn't hesitate to hire PorchLight again for our next inspection.
Shelby LeighShelby Leigh
18:37 29 Jun 23
Porch Light was incredibly rude to me on the phone when we had a discrepancy in what I thought they had originally quoted me on my home inspection. A few months after the inspection I found a large wasps nest inside my home that had been there for a long time and also found black mold in the attic of one of my dwellings.A few months after that we found major water damage and a leak that 3 different contractors have said they believed had been leaking since the shower was installed years ago. We discovered black mold all through the walls between the bathroom and kitchen and also water damage through to the inside and outside walls. Again, contractors believe this had been there long before the purchase of my home.We called to talk to Porch Light about this just 8 months after purchasing the house and again they were incredibly rude and dismissive on the phone, taking no accountability or care or action and even mentioned something about having no legal liability because of the forms I signed.Would not recommend this company.
Whitney SmithWhitney Smith
22:52 28 Jun 23
Getting the appointment set up was easy. Everyone on the phone was friendly. The inspector Daniel was so kind and answered every question. He made the process smooth and the report was easy to understand.
Candace MeyerCandace Meyer
19:34 29 May 23
Highly recommend!! John was great. His report was very detailed and easy to read.
Steve SmithSteve Smith
12:50 03 Mar 23
They work with our Realtor as the inspection was on then off then on again. Report came back very thorough point out many deficiencies and code violations that we were unaware of. Based on PorchLight Home Inspections report were decided to pass on this home. Money well spent! Thanks guys
Chris LewisChris Lewis
19:01 17 Jan 23
I had a great experience using this company. They were able to quickly get my inspection completed the very next day from calling which was very unexpected. I was quoted a number over the phone that was a bit less then my actual invoiced amount. I called the company back and asked about this increased amount and 30 minuets later I received a call form the owner of the company willing to give me the reduced rate and to apologize for the miscommunication. This is incredibly great customer service. They didn't need to do that and went above and beyond what I expected in this situation.Besides all that ,the inspection was extremely through and helpful to see what I was getting myself into by buying a new property. It was sent in a very professional looking PDF via email the next day after the inspection. I will be recommending this company to friends and colleagues.
A'Leah KnightA'Leah Knight
16:28 10 Dec 22
John & his crew at Porchlight are friendly, professional & very good at what they do. They are detail oriented & thorough. I trust them & enjoy working with them.
Scott SmithScott Smith
01:07 09 Sep 22
Should be zero stars. Do NOT use this company. Their inspector missed so many problems with the house. Warped windows, sagging door unit, failed windows that were loose & moved within the frames. His report said that he could not access the attic, what a joke. After we closed on the house my 65 year old husband climbed into the attic to look at the framing above the sagging door. He crawled around the whole space to find virtually no insulation in a majority of the space and some VERY sketchy looking framing. We had to pay a structural engineer to inspect and make sure the roof and door were sufficiently supported. Sure wish we could have been there when he “inspected”, we would not have paid for the shoddy work he did.
Richard WhiteRichard White
22:31 22 Aug 22
Our home inspection was completed on schedule. The inspection was thorough and the documentation provided was helpful both for completing the purchase of our home and for planning maintenance into the future.
Chris & Emma LeydenChris & Emma Leyden
19:20 17 Aug 22
He was quick to schedule and to come through! His report was thorough but easy to understand! He also included pictures! Would use him again!
Jayme VanErdenJayme VanErden
21:28 12 Jun 22
Easy to get a quick appointment! Very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. Would highly recommend!
Rich BealRich Beal
04:49 09 May 22
Last minute inspection was needed on a recent purchase, Porch Light fit us in immediately after our phone call. Very thorough inspection. There final report was done with the buyer in mind.
David WiszDavid Wisz
17:23 25 Apr 22
Daniel was very thorough, super helpful, and very clear with his explanation of the process AND his findings. I feel very confident moving forward with my home purchase knowing all the MUST DO's and NICE TO HAVE's.
Erich BrockerErich Brocker
19:26 01 Apr 22
They were easy to work with - were ontime - completed their inspection - and got us the results quickly - their report was digital and easy to read and the photos were helpful
Lindsay GadsbyLindsay Gadsby
18:51 21 Mar 22
Porch Light’s entire crew is fantastic. The people who answer the phone and make appointments are nice and easy to work with. All the inspectors are thorough and professional. The inspection reports themselves are easy to read and explain any issues clearly.
Kathleen GaudenKathleen Gauden
21:44 14 Dec 21
Outstanding inspector! John did a very thorough and detailed inspection. He explained as he went along and answered all our questions. He was very professional with a great since of humor. I have a real estate background and have worked with many inspectors over the years. He is by far, the BEST! I would not use anyone else. Competitive pricing, detailed and accurate report, quick turn around.
Lisa DonahueLisa Donahue
01:08 29 Nov 21
We had our brand new home inspected in 2017 by Porch Light and just sold our home in 2021. The inspector that the buyer used found several things that Porch Light missed, including a live wire right inside the crawl space (just hanging) and an entire row of shingles that were not stapled down and more ... Very dissatisfied as the live wire could have started a fire very easily. However, it was very easy to schedule and they were on time.
John KigerJohn Kiger
15:43 24 Nov 21
John's inspection was thorough and enlightening. We were buying a 100 year old home, so the details of the inspection were very important in understanding what we were getting into. His report came within 24 hours, with a lot of very good photos, and provided the information we needed to go through with the purchase.
Bronwyn FullagarBronwyn Fullagar
14:22 19 Nov 21
Porch Light was able to inspect the home at short notice and Zack was very thorough and provided a prompt report. I had some questions about the report and John was able to speak with me on a Sunday to discuss the report in detail which I was really appreciated. Overall a great experience.
Jen CharretteJen Charrette
18:18 18 Oct 21
Did a great job on our home inspection. Thank you!
True SlateTrue Slate
14:54 14 Oct 21
Super timely and detailed. Very friendly and descriptive.
Katie WilliamsKatie Williams
20:35 03 Sep 21
Zack was extremely thorough and professional. As the buyer we were able to talk with him afterward and ask questions and have him show us things. It was very helpful to make us feel confident about our purchase. We received our digital report very quickly and it was super easy to navigate.
Allan TompkinsAllan Tompkins
18:12 03 May 21
I was very impressed with the services Porch Light Home Inspection performed. John was very thorough in his inspection of the house I'm purchasing. He pointed out items that I would have never thought about. Also, the report was very easy to follow with pictures, detailed explanations, and even pointed us in the right direction to remedy a couple issues. I highly recommend Porch Light!